Mobile Marketing is by far the best way to advertise to consumers. Although mobile marketing is the best way to push content to consumers, it’s not as easy as snapping your finger. The biggest hurdle that most other companies won’t tell you about is the need to build a mobile database – one that your customers opt-in to. Think about it: from day one, you start with exactly 0 subscribers. Day after day, month after month your list will grow, but only if you work it. Months from now when you  have your database built, you will successfully push content to mobile devices. But wait: problem #2 – these are your customers only. Here is how Instant Mobile Advertising Group can help you:

We geo-target

From day one, we are going to advertise your business to approximately 30,000 consumers within a 5-7 mile radius of your business. How do we do this? We Geo-Target consumers that are in the area or have recently been in the area. From there, customers get your offer on their mobile device.

UNPARALLELED & Eye-catching

We’ve already talked about how we find consumers that are near you – but then what? We are pushing eye-popping content (IE: your offer) right to their device. Almost all other companies tell you the importance of SMS messaging. We say that’s bunk. MMS is the only way to deliver content. This is full color, eye catching and it yields about a 10-fold result over just plain MMS.

community offers

One of the best things about our program is that we engage consumers. No, not just because our ads look good and we can find these consumers in your area; We are also providing real value to the consumer. We’re providing more than just 1 offer. We’re providing 30+ offers in a given area during the month all in one location. Maybe your offer isn’t perfect for Mary, but your offer might  be great for Bob. All our subscribers are interested in local content but don’t necessarily want all the individualized ads pounding their phone all the time.

Superior redemption

Consumers want good offers otherwise what’s the point. From your perspective (the merchant), you can’t afford to blindly give away good offers with no method of trackability or accountability. Our software allows perfect redemptions, reports on these redemptions and we can also configure things like maximum redemptions or even possibly multi use offers etc.

sharing & bonus rewards

One of the best things about our program is that consumers and customers alike can share your offer(s) with their friends. When they do that and the friend accepts your offer, the inviting friend is sent a bonus reward. Think of this as a Thank You  for a job well done of getting your offers onto the phones of even more people.


The reason that Mobile Marketing is so powerful is because 97% of the messages that are sent to a customer’s mobile phone are read within approximately 3 minutes of delivery. That’s a staggering number isn’t it? These high numbers are attributed to the fact that mobile marketing is not the wild – wild west like email marketing or direct mail marketing is. You can buy an email list, you can buy postal addresses to mail to and you’ll probably not get into much trouble, if any. Mobile marketing is much more sophisticated and the mobile opt in process is truly accurate. Consumers that opt in want your offers. It’s that simple.

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