Schnucks – Larry

We're serious about increasing customers, increasing visits, and increasing revenues via mobile marketing. We can almost guarantee our results. These are just a few that we've received in the recent future.

We are extremely pleased with the competitive advantage we get with sending 5 to 8 color coupons every week.  This service has been hassle free and easy to use.

Larry, Store Merchant


Blacklist – George

I have received fantastic results and an outstanding return on my investment with my Instant Mobile Advertising text marketing program!  As far as customer retention and loyalty tools are concerned, Instant Mobile Advertising by far has the highest redemption rate. The easy to use dashboard and customer support make it a very painless process.  If you're a business looking for a cost effective advertising medium to keep in touch with your customers and keep them coming back to your business, you've found it! Instant Mobile Advertising works for me and it will work for you!

George, Sales Rep.


Wanggange – Ryan

I am into one of the latest and greatest marketing techniques available!  I don't know of another medium which I can make our phone ring all day with the click of a button on my laptop....Keep it coming!

Ryan, Multi Location Merchant


Dennys – Shari

We have used the Instant Mobile Advertising text marketing service for over a year now and find it to be our best platform to immediately let our customers know our current promotions at our local stores. This is the best service we've used!

Shari, Merchant

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