Can I send standard text messages (SMS) or picture messages (MMS) through the Instant Mobile Advertising Platform?

Yes – you can send either type of message. Over 96% of our outgoing messages on our platform are picture (MMS) messages because of their high engagement and redemption rates. Picture messages can yield redemption stats 10 times higher that standard text messages (SMS).

Is there a cost difference between Picture Messages (MMS) and Standard Text Messages (SMS).

On the Instant Mobile Advertising platform, if you choose to only send SMS messages, we can present SMS only pricing. If you send MMS messages and SMS messages, the pricing will be set at the MMS rates. We’re interested in being different from the crowd and we’re also interested in your mobile marketing program having the great successes you expect. Picture messaging is a great way to engage your customers and stand out from the ordinary that everyone else is doing!

Are messages delivered via short code?

Yes, we deliver all messages to the major carriers via short code (223344). The short code is an approved carrier phone number that allows us to send large quantities of messages to mobile phones. There are some carriers (mostly tier 2 and 3 carriers) that don’t support MMS via short code. If that’s the case, we will send your MMS messages via long code to the customer’s phone number. This will ensure delivery, regardless of the mobile carrier.

Do you cover carriers outside of the big 4?

Yes, we’ve taken the time to write our software to be smart enough to know what carrier we are sending to. If the carrier is in a list that is unsupported by our short code, we will use one of our long codes to deliver your message.

What does SMS, MMS, MO and MT mean?

SMS means a standard text message or Short Message Service. It’s limited to 160 characters, including spaces and doesn’t contain any images or videos. MMS means picture/multi media message or Multi Media Message Service. MMS messages don’t have a limit on the number of characters that you can send in the message and they can include pictures and videos. MO is a term that means Mobile Originated. When someone sends a text or picture message, it is originated on the mobile phone, hence Mobile Originated. MT is the opposite of MO. It means Mobile Terminated. When a mobile phone receives a mobile message it is terminated, or ends on the mobile phone.

How long does it take to deliver a message?

That’s a great question and the short answer is not very long. When we send a message to a mobile number (a MT message), it will arrive in the phone in just a few short seconds. When we are sending large volumes of text and picture messages, it depends on when exactly we send the message to the mobile number. In general though, you should expect your messages to be delivered in a short window from the start of your campaign.

Do you charge different rates to deliver messages quickly?

No, we don’t charge different rates to deliver messages faster (or slower) for you. We deliver messages as fast as we possibly can so your customers get the message you send very quickly. Be on the lookout for other companies that want to charge you more for faster delivery!

What makes you different from other mobile messaging companies that are out there?

We pride ourselves on the ability to send picture and video messages. Most of our competition does text only. Text only is easy, but really not that exciting. Picture messaging engages your customers more and requires much more know how to get a message to the phone. In all honesty, there are some other companies that will send a single picture message for you. However you’ll have to pay about 5 times our rates for just one image. Be on the forefront, send multiple images – allow them to be one time use and allow your customers to share your mobile program with others. You’ll be glad you did!

What is the advantage of using text messaging instead of email?

Although campaigns vary, email marketing yields about a 15% open rate on average. With email, your customers will read your email anytime from now until several days from now. That’s a big disparity on exactly when your message gets read. We’ve noticed through our own statistics that between 2% and 3% of the total read messages will be opened more than 2 days after the original message was sent. On the flip side, 97% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. Read that statement again – think about the possibilities of getting your message to your customer that quickly and reliably!

Do you charge based on credits for messages?

Nope! Credits are a fancy way to bill you a lot of money. We charge based on packages of messages so you always know exactly what you’ll pay for messages.

What is a keyword?

Think of a keyword as a bucket, or a list of mobile phone numbers. Keywords are simply a way to segregate your users. When it’s time to broadcast a message, you can select one, some or all of your keywords to blast a message to. Don’t worry if a particular mobile number happens to be tied to more than one keyword, our software is smart enough to only send the message to the mobile number once.

Are there rules/guidelines that I need to follow for mobile marketing?

Yes – of course. We take care of the absolute requirements for you. We include the appropriate help/stop verbiage. We also notify subscribers that message and data rates may apply (this is sort of a silly requirement because most people have unlimited data/messaging with their plans). We also let them know the frequency that they can expect messages from you. We do comply with the other requirements about carriers supported etc on our help pages that your customers can view by sending a help keyword to 223344.

Who owns the data that ends up in the Instant Mobile Advertising system?

You do. Plain and simple.

Can I do anything else besides send text and picture messages?

Yes, you can sell deals, post to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, send emails, display different ads based on the user’s location. You can schedule all your campaigns in our Campaign Manager and be sure that your information gets sent and/or posted on the day and time that you specify.

Can I add something to my website to collect mobile numbers?

Yes, we can provide you with sample widget code for you to place on your website to collect mobile phone numbers for opt in. We will follow all the rules for the required written consent of your customers and they will have to follow a double opt in process.

Do you contact my contacts?

No – never. We will never reach out to or send messages to the mobile numbers that are part of your mobile marketing program.

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