Why do Mobile Coupons Make Consumers Spend More

Mobile Coupons Make Consumers Spend More

According to a recent article by eMarketer, Mobile Coupons cause consumers to spend more on in-store visits.   The recent study showed that approximately 96.4 million adults use mobile coupons.  This number showed an increase of 18% for the year 2015.  By the end of 2016, this number is expected to bump by another 11%.

This report also goes on to show that there is a 26% increase in purchased items or basket size.  Those are staggering numbers.

What does this mean for your advertising dollar and your coupon spend?  It simply means this: You need to make mobile coupons available to your customers.  They are demanding it, whether they tell you or not.

The Instant Mobile Advertising Mobile text and picture messaging platform, or MMS messaging – is set to deliver relevant, timely and targeted coupons to your customer’s mobile device.   Our Campaign Manager allows you to schedule your offers to be sent at a date and time of your choice.  You will also enjoy knowing that 97% of your messages are read by your customer within just 3 minutes of delivery. Where else can you get advertising, offer redemption and the piece of mind of customers actually seeing your offers with just a few clicks of the mouse?

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