Text vs Email Open RatesIMAG’s easy to use Mobile Campaign Manager uniquely integrates Text (SMS) and Picture (MMS) Mobile Marketing Solutions so Your Customers can Easily Shop, Earn & Save!

Our Mobile Campaign Calendar makes it easy to manage your mobile coupons and loyalty programs. Once you’ve created your campaign, either send it immediately or schedule the campaign for the future.

The choice is yours – easy as pie!  A good email open rate is somewhere between 15% and 20%.  With mobile marketing by text and picture messaging, those open rates jump to over 97%.

What’s the best part of this?  That open rate of over 97% happens within 3 minutes of delivery!  Mobile marketing using text and picture messaging is the wave of the future, don’t get left in the past.

Take a look at how quickly mobile marketing subscriber lists can grow.  With such a huge difference in open rates between email and text/mms messages, it’s no wonder that many of our clients are migrating from email to mobile.  The response is far greater in a much shorter period of time!


Mobile Subscriber Graph

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