What Are Push Notifications and How Can You Use Them Through One Loyalty Network’s App?

First you may ask “what exactly are push notifications?” Well, they are the convenient little messages that pop up on your phone from the apps you are using. You can choose to be notified by sound, badge, or other on screen alerts. Usually, these notifications can be changed in your settings, so you can turn them off when they annoy you. Why do the creators of apps use them? From a marketing perspective, it increases engagement, and engagement is what will trickle down to a purchase at some point. From a consumer perspective, it is a great way to be notified about whatever apps you are involved with without having to open the app and search.
You get push notifications when someone likes your post on Twitter or Facebook, when someone comments on your picture on Instagram ,and when you receive an email. You can even be updated on the score of your favorite sports teams. They serve as little reminders that something is going on that you might be interested in based on the apps that you have downloaded.
Push Notifications Through One Loyalty Network’s App
Through One LoyaltyNetwork’s app, the merchant can send push notifications to everyone that is linked to the business or just people within a certain mileage from a location picked. The geo location setting allows customers to be notified instantly when there is a deal in their area. Using push notifications through the One Loyalty Network app is a great way to advertise your business they are relevant and targeted to a specific target audience.  Instead of clogging inboxes, push notifications pop up then fade away quickly when the customer swipes their phone. There are only a certain number of messages from each app kept in the notification center so the customer does not get overwhelmed.
Some Groundbreaking Statistics from The Urban Airship Good Push Index
Urban Airship analyzed 2,400 apps and 500 million pushes over a six-month period. Access the full study here: http://urbanairship.com/good-push-index
·         There is a 93% higher retention rate for users receiving push messaging in the first month after download.
·         Long term retention is 92% higher each month for users opted into push notifications.
·         Push messaging drives higher average monthly app opens per user, a benefit that compounds over time with greater retention of opt-in users.

For more information about how your business can use push notifications through One Loyalty Network’s app please visit getoneloyaltynetwork.com