The right email can help you build a SMS/MMS text-marketing database


Does your day start like this?

Woman Lying on Bed Checking Her PhoneYou wake up, roll over, and before you even get out of bed, you reach for your mobile phone. Many of us check our email before we get out of bed, then again while eating breakfast, and again while waiting in line to get a coffee on the way to work.  We are now checking our emails on our mobile device at least 2-4 times before we even turn on our computer!  According to the mobile marketing experts at Instant Mobile Advertising as a result email open rates have now increased from 2010. This increase is due to the connection we have with our mobile phones and notepads.

How can this trend help you grow your mobile database?

A mobile friendly email that displays correctly on a desktop, laptop or a mobile phone or notepad, guarantees that your email will be read and that they will respond to your call to action to receive text offers.  At Instant Mobile Advertising we assist customers to grow a mobile subscriber database by creating mobile friendly email offers.

Want some tips?

When creating a mobile friendly email, be as concise as possible in both design and content. Screen space is very valuable on a mobile device so focus on a strong incentive text message offer and make sure you guide the user as to what they need to do to receive the text offer on their mobile device.

Want to see an example?

To see what a text message offer looks like, try this demo:  Send a text message with OLNDEMO in it to 223344.

Creating mobile friendly emails:

Here are some helpful hints to create mobile friendly emails:
1. Avoid tiny fonts making sure your text can be read easily.
2. Take it easy on images. Only use the images that are essential to your text message offer.
3. Remember to preview your email on your mobile device and make sure it looks great.
4. Remember the goal is to grab the reader’s attention to opt-in to your text message campaign.
5. Before you know it your mobile subscriber database will be growing and so will your sales!

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