How many people will opt into my text messaging campaign?


Are you a retailer who would like to know how many customers will opt-in to your SMS/MMS (Text/Picture) messaging campaign? If so you are in luck!  At Instant Mobile Advertising we assist merchants on how they can add text messaging to their marketing mix and successfully build their database of mobile subscribers using their existing marketing tools.

We’ve found that a retailer can expect to build a mobile user database just by using their email marketing database. Just create and send  emails with a text messaging opt-in offer to your existing email list and watch your mobile subscriber numbers rise.  Your email subscribers already know you and like you and are the most likely to want to receive your mobile text messages.  Note:  We’ve found that opt-in rates for email offers with picture messages are even higher.

Now let’s talk about one of the most powerful marketing strategies that a business can use and that leads us into tool number 2.

What if you could get 5% of your Social Media friends, fans, followers or connections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to opt-in to receive text messages from your business? It may not sound like much, but if you have 5000 social media followers that is 250 more people that you can drive to your business with the right mobile offer….not too shabby! That brings us to tool number 3.

Train your staff to be your raving fans! You have them greeting your customers, guiding them to what they need and checking them out with a smile. Use that check out time to incentivize your customers to opt- in for a future mobile coupon or text offer. Set a goal to try to obtain 1% of your customers opting-in everyday and watch the number of mobile subscribers rise!

These are just a few mobile subscriber opportunities using your existing marketing tools, but don’t forget to also let customers opt in to your mobile list on your website, or add a mobile coupon to your radio and or TV spots and direct mailers.  Before you know it your mobile subscriber database will be growing and so will your sales! For more assistance in adding mobile marketing text or picture messaging to your business contact us at: