Why merchants should be concerned with Geolocation for Mobile Marketing


Have you ever wanted to know where your mobile marketing subscribers are?  Would you like to create campaigns to promote offers to subscribers that have been in or possibly haven’t been in a certain area?  With the new IMAG Geolocation reports and Geolcation campaigns, you can now do this.  The image below depicts a Mobile Marketing Geolocation Report.  Within our reporting console, you can choose to create one or many polygons and/or spheres to highlight subscribers.  Then choose whether you want to send to users that have been within your areas or haven’t and fill in the rest of the campaign details.  Point, click & send – it’s that easy.

This is very useful because now you can:

  • Create different advertising CPM rates based on subscribers in the area.
  • Create multiple advertising zones within a region.
  • Reduce per offer rates while increasing the actual number of advertisers that will participate.
  • Entice mobile subscribers to visit a certain area or region if they haven’t for a while.
  • Learn where your sales force should be selling while Geo Targeting your ads.


Mobile Geolocation Map

Mobile Geolocation Map