Because Instant Mobile Advertising is a Mobile Marketing Platform that’s:

Unparalleled Mobile Marketing Technology

We’ve shared some of the features that we have but we like to keep a few of them to ourselves. Our competition has a close eye on us and we don’t always like to give them their ideas. We’re confident that you’ll find Instant Mobile Advertising Mobile has more day to day features that the rest of the competition. Admittedly, there are some things that you can find elsewhere that we don’t have, but to be honest, we haven’t been asked by our customers to implement.

Our platform is easy to use, easy to manage and easy to sell. Merchants are always amazed with our mobile marketing technology because they’ve never seen results like this before. Depending on the offer, redemption rates could be as high as 60%. Yes, you just read 60% and no, it’s not a typo. We even have the stats from some major brand campaigns to prove it.

The Lowest Mobile Marketing Pricing Available

Everyone cares about their marketing dollars and what the ROI (Return on Investment) is. We’re happy to say that our pricing gives you the luxury of knowing exactly what you’re paying and you can be rest assured that you cannot find picture messaging (MMS) for less. As we’ve stated before, over 96% of our outgoing messages across our entire platform have pictures included. The reason is the bank for the buck!

The Willingness to Custom Design/Create

We love technology and think we have some pretty good ideas that you’ll be able to use. However you know your business best. If we don’t have something that you’d really like for mobile marketing, let us create it for you. We’ll make it a painless process and you’ll gain access to whatever it is that you’ve always wanted!

Superior Support & Training

We pride ourselves on providing you as much training as you need. Our platform is easy to use and we’re confident that our platform will be second nature to you in just a short amount of time. We also have dedicated mobile marketing experts that will work with you on an individual basis to help ensure your campaigns are as successful as they possibly can be.

Knowing Your Campaigns Are Compliant

The reason that Mobile Marketing is so powerful is because 97% of the messages that are sent to a customer’s mobile phone are read within approximately 3 minutes of delivery. That’s a staggering number isn’t it? These high numbers are attributed to the fact that mobile marketing is not the wild, wild west like email marketing or direct mail marketing is. You can buy an email list, you can buy postal addresses to mail to and you’ll probably not get into much trouble if any.

Mobile marketing is much more sophisticated and the mobile opt in process is truly accurate. We pride ourselves on following the highest standards published by the Mobile Marketing Association [link to] as well as the Federal Communications Commission [link to]. We don’t “load lists” and we follow the opt in process as defined down to the tee. The penalties can be quite steep. You can be at ease knowing that because we’re compliant, by default you’re pretty much forced into it.

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