Daily Deal Text Messaging Click Through Rate


Instant Mobile Advertising Group (IMAG) is a division of One Loyalty Network, Inc (OLN). In addition to a proprietary Mobile Marketing Platform, OLN provides Daily Deal Publisher Software or Whitelabel Daily Deal Software to a variety of clients. The primary method of deal delivery of a Daily Deal Platform is email.

From our own statistics, our email Click Through Rate (CTR) ranges from 0.9% to 3.4% on any given day. If you put that into context, if we send 1,000 email messages for a new Daily Deal, 9 to 34 people actually click within the email message and get to the actual Deal Site. According to On Spot Social, the industry average of Daily Deal Email clicks is just 2.4%. This enormous industry’s revenues are generated on these very low click through rates.

IMAG/OLN has gone ahead and integrated Mobile Marketing as a form of communication in addition to the Daily Deal Email Marketing Emails. The astounding statistic though is that we are seeing click through rates of 25% – 60% on any given day. That means from 1,000 messages sent, anywhere from 250 to 600 people are actually clicking through to the Deal Site. This is an increase of up to 6,500%!

If you’re a Daily Deal provider, you should consider integrating the IMAG MMS Platform into your marketing efforts.

MMS Click Through Rate